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The British Council International School Award is an internationally recognised accreditation that is awarded to schools who forge links with partners overseas and add an international dimension to the curriculum. Through working on joint projects and adding international elements to lessons, such as an African key-hole garden, music, art and dance, pupils are given a fresh perspective on the world and their place in it.

We are delighted that we have been awarded the International school award and logo for our international work. We have links with a school in Spain and Chakoma school in Malawi. Through email communication with the teacher and pupils of Chakoma school, the Prefects at Tugby school have produced a table of similarities and differences between the schools.


Similarities Differences Differences
  Tugby School Chakoma School
Each school has 4 teachers Enrolment 83 Enrolment 365
Age of learners 6-11 Practice to play musical instruments Learn music theoretically
Co-education schools Girls hardly drop out Girls drop out of school
Both are Junior schools Since 1841 Victorian times Started in 2007