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Hi year 6 for the final time!


WOW! This is your last week of year 6 and your last week of being a primary school student. You have been the best class to teach and I’m still really sad we didn’t have a ‘normal’ year 6 year together. However, you have all coped with this crazy year so well so I want to say a massive THANK YOU and well done to all of you. Enjoy this week’s home learning. It is a mixture of work and play as it is your last week, I don’t mind which order you do the activities in but try to complete them all. If your secondary school has sent you any transition activities to complete e.g. a writing task then please do that this week too so you can enjoy your holiday.


If we don’t get a chance to see you before the summer holidays, then have a fantastic summer. Enjoy the sun, keep being kind and be awesome! Don’t worry or stress about secondary school. You will all be fine, you will all make loads of friends and have the best time! Try to read over the summer, your secondary schools would love it if you go in having read at least 3 books during the holidays. If you haven’t already done so, please return you Holes book to school this week and any other school property you have at home. Thanks!


Most importantly, take care of yourselves, know that I will miss you loads and that I wish you the absolute best of luck in your next school. You will be amazing!


Miss Dyson J x

Home learning 13.7.20

Easter holidays