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Welcome to Garden House Class

Fancy a good read? Try Amelia and Callum's stories that they wrote this week! Thank you!

Jasmine's Amazing Potions!

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Week 10 Garden House Photos

Have you ever wondered what a Spanador is or who were Henry VIII's wives? Have a look at these fantastic PowerPoints by Callum!

Florence has been working hard on her piano - this is amazing!

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Jasmines Potato adventure!.mp4

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Garden House Week 9 Photos

Happy Half Term! We hope this makes you laugh! We are looking forward to seeing some of you next week!

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Thank you to everyone that entered we will announce the winner later today so remember to check Twitter!


Miss Squire and Rafiki

Will O has got some exciting new additions to the farm!

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More fantastic research from Callum and Amelia! Have a read to see what they have been learning about!

VE Day Photo

This is a picture of Poppy, Will, Joey, Eira and Teagan's Great Grandfather (Aneurin) Taff Owen..known to them as Taid (Welsh for Grandfather), flying over St Pauls on VE Day. They were doing a mercy mission to Holland to drop food supplies for the Dutch who were starving.  

Taid was a wireless operator in the Lancaster bomber. He joined the RAF as soon as he was old enough and when the war finished went back to farming in Husbands Bosworth where he still lives today. His great grandchildren think he is pretty special!

Flying Paper Aeroplanes!

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Jasmine Investigates!

Jasmine has been reading Sky Song at home, and wanted to know if "Devils Dance Floor" was a real place. She searched and found this information about it, she was very excited to find out about it!! I thought I would share the link that she found so you could all have a look too!

Baking Competition!

Thank you for all of the entries for the Tugby Bake Off there were some really tasty treats made at home and I hope you enjoyed eating them! The winner is Alice Z who made cheese straws and even shaped some into footballs to encourage Henry to eat the cheese! Well done Alice! Second place went to Fabian for the best jelly I have ever tasted! Honourable mentions go to Georgia and Sebastian for a fabulous Rhubarb Crumble and to Jasmine for a really creative tray bake (my personal favourite!)! Thank you to everyone that took part! 




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Daisy has been learning to play the guitar with her dad and became a pop star for the day singing and filming a song to wish her friend a happy birthday! Amazing Daisy this really made me smile!

Music Video

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Fossa by Callum

Have you ever heard of a Fossa? I hadn't! Read this fantastic project by Callum and learn about this animal that only can only be found on Madagascar!




Happy Friday everyone! Thanks for passing the loo roll...

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The History of Lego by Amelia

If you would like to learn more about LEGO take a look at this fantastic PowerPoint by Amelia!

Polar Bears by Amelia and Callum

A fantastic example of a leaflet on Polar Bears! Well done Callum and Amelia!

The Princes in the Tower by Callum

Would you like to know more about the Princes in the Tower, a mystery surrounding the nephews of Richard III? Have a look at Callum's PowerPoint, I had no idea that they had found bodies under a staircase in the Tower of London! 

Thank you for your hard work Callum it was a really interesting read!

Miss Squire and Rafiki x

Gas and Pressure by Maxwell and Effie Part 1

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Part 2

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Part 3

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Thank you to Maxwell and Effie for this fantastic experiment! I am sorry I had to cut it into three sections I hope they all match up! 

Thank you again and keep sharing everyone we love to see what you are doing!

Miss Squire x

What Have We Been Up To?!

Hi Garden House,

I hope you are all OK and have been enjoying the sun this weekend!

We thought we would share what we have been up to at home whilst you are away from school, as you all know I really don't like photos so this will probably what Rafiki has been up to and Hamish if he isn't smelling too bad that day! 

Rafiki, Hamish and I enjoyed a walk with Mrs Squire for Mother's Day and visited the horses to give them some extra straw! They have been stuck in the barn for quite a while now so know how you are feeling stuck at home! 

Mrs Webb has painted a beautiful rainbow on her garage door to share some happiness, can you paint a rainbow to display somewhere in your house this week?

Remember to 'Be Curious' what would you like to learn about this week? 

Have a great week everyone and hopefully see you soon!

Miss Squire x