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Summer Term

Mapping and Places Around the World

Light and Dark

Summer Term Thematic Information

Class Trip to the New Walk Museum and the Leicester Synagogue!

We had a busy day in Leicester today! We started at the New Walk Museum and learnt more about our topic Ancient Egypt, we got to hold Egyptian artefacts, some of which were over 4500 thousand years old! We also saw real mummies and impressed our guide at the museum with our general knowledge! We were able to take a look around the rest of the museum before moving on and the children were very keen to look at the dinosaurs! We were really lucky to be able to visit the Synagogue, where we learnt so much about the Jewish faith and saw the scrolls that they use during their services. We are really proud of the children, who all behaved brilliantly, and a big thank you to all the adults that made today possible for the children! Thank you for a great day everyone!
We have been busy in class so far this half term! We have had an Egyptian feast, made Egyptian pastries, created plates of healthy food and been learning all about using money! Everyone is working really hard in class and I am proud of all of the children! Keep it up superstars!
Today we made edible decorations for the Tugby Church Christmas Tree Festival this weekend! We worked in groups to measure the ingredients, rub in the butter using the tips of our fingers and cutting them out! There was a lot of flour and far too many biscuits to decorate later in the week! 
We have had a really busy week in year 2/3! The children have designed and created their very own magnetic games, worked with Mr Wiggin to make low friction buggies and then tested them on a variety of surfaces, we have learnt about arrays and how they can help us with multiplication and division and started to use Word Study in class to help us with our spellings! One of the children even bought in a robotic arm to show us! Fantastic week and lots of smiles, thank you to everyone who helped and supported the class throughout the week!

Playing Recorders!

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The wonderful and very talented Mrs Webb has been teaching our class recorders on a Wednesday afternoon, they are now playing simple tunes and are looking forward to performing for you all soon!

Magnets, Compasses and a Treasure Hunt!

In Science this term we have been investigating magnets and the force that they produce, we used magnets in class to create a compass and find North. We then ventured out into the village on a treasure hunt using real compasses, following compass directions and paces to find the hidden treasure! 

We enjoyed a fantastic day at Oakham Castle and learnt so much about the Middle Ages in just one day! They children experienced lots of different activities from a treasure hunt to re-enacting the Battle of Hastings! We built walls, made gingerbread, learnt how to survive the Middle Ages, had a Medieval Banquet, learnt about children's games and made a medieval doll! There were so many activities and the staff at Oakham Castle really looked after us, the children enjoyed the day and came back with lots of new information and lots to talk about in class!

Thank you for a fantastic start to the new year!

The children have had a fantastic start to the new year with archery, fencing and new football coaches! In class we have been investigating numbers, forces and how to write a recount. The children have come back full of energy and are all working really hard, thank you for all the hard work you are doing at home - keep it up everyone!