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Tugby school has an attractive and traditional school uniform which we ask all pupils to wear, and to take pride in their appearance.


Boys wear grey trousers, a grey or red v-necked jumper, a red tie and a white shirt.  White polo shirts may be worn in warmer weather.


Girls wear grey pinafore dresses, skirts or trousers, grey or red jumpers or cardigans, white shirts and a red tie.  Red or grey tights may be worn in winter.  Red and white gingham dresses may be worn in warmer weather.


Please ensure that all clothing is labelled.


PE kit

  • red or black shorts
  • white polo shirt
  • black joggers
  • red sweatshirt
  • socks
  • plimsolls
  • trainers and football boots (optional). 
  • draw- string shoe-bag
  • Key stage 2 also need swim suits/trunks.


T-shirts, sweatshirts for wearing during PE, together with red fleeces and book bags bearing the school’s logo can be ordered from the website below. Alternatively, an order form can be obtained from the school office to order by post.


School scarves with the school logo and reflective stripes can be purchased from the school office for £5 each.


In addition, Y6 Prefects also wear a smart blazer with the school logo on.